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FRESH PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MUSSELS - Bowl of steamed mussels with garlic, olive oil and white wine. Choice of sauce: White or red, mild or hot.   $9

TUSCAN BRUSCHETTA - Oven roasted cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese on a seasoned garlic butter bread.  $9

SALMON CARPACCIO - Lemon and olive oil marinated slices of fresh raw salmon, served with red onions, capers, parmesan and mascarpone cheese.  $15

TUNA TARTARE - 3 layer tower with fresh grounded tuna, avocado and chopped onion rings with chipotle sauce. $18

TUNA TOSTADAS - Marinated yellow fin tuna, natural or in chipotle mayo, green onions, sesame seeds, red onion, served on two crispy tortillas. $15

BEEF CARPACCIO - Thinly sliced raw beef, marinated in lemon and olive oil with capers, parmesan cheese, red onion and peperoncinis.  $15

SHAVED TUNA - Thin cuts of seared tuna, with a citrus soy sauce and topped with red onion, chives, serrano pepper and sesame seeds.  $26

SHAVED TUNA WITH MANGO - Thin cuts of mango and seared tuna, topped with a citrus soy, sesame sauce, red onion, serrano pepper and sesame seeds. $15

CALAMARI FRITTI - Golden fried squid with a chipotle dipping sauce. $12

CEVICHE - Fish and gulf shrimp cooked in lime juice.  $14

CEVICHE COCKTAIL MEXICAN STYLE - Fish and shrimp cooked in lime juice served with the tradional mexican blend of avocado, tomato, onion, jalapeno and ketchup. $15

TUNA CEVICHE MANGO - Yellow fin tuna mixed with mango, avocado, onion, tomato and jalapeno served with chips. $15

CRAB CAKES - Pan seared crab cakes topped with pineapple chutney.  $14

CAPRESE FRESCA BRUSCHETTA - Oven roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, black olives, basil and pesto on toasted slices of a seasoned garlic butter bread. $15

SHRIMP SPI - Pan-seared shrimp marinated in olive oil, butter, parsley, salt and pepper. $15

SHRIMP DIABLO - Sautéed gulf shrimp and butter beans served in a red pepper butter wine sauce. $15

SMOKED SALMON CARPACCIO - Thin slices of smoked salmon with olive oil and dill, served with a caper onion dip. $15

FOCACCIA - Light italian bread with Rosemary and olive oil. $15

PEPPERONI - Homemade tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  $14

WHITE SHRIMP - Gulf6 shrimp, spinach, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, mozzarella with a white creamy sauce. $16

PROSCIUTTO AND ARTICHOKE - Homemade white cream sauce, sautéed artichokes, capers and prosciutto di parma.  $16

PESTO SHRIMP - Homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese gulf shrimp and pesto saue. $16

CLASSIC MARGHERITA - Homemade tomato sauce, slices of fresh mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. $16

FOUR CHEESES - Mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and provolone. $16

CUSTOM MADE - Homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and add four toppings. $16

CALZONE - Italian sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, provolone and red onion served with a spicy marinara dipping sauce. $16

Extra Toppings - Onion, mushrooms,
spinach, tomato, arugula, bell pepper, zucchini, black olives,
pineapple, pepperoni, feta cheese & jalapenos. $0.75 each

Premium Toppings - Artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes,
bacon, capers, prosciutto di parma, salami, gorgonzola cheese,
fresh parmesan, smoked salmon, anchovies & italian sausage.  $1.50 each

BEEF AND MUSHROOM RISOTTO - Arborio rice with mushrooms and strips of tenderloin.  $18

SEAFOOD RISOTTO - Arborio rice, gulf shrimp, calamari and scallops in a saffron-parmesan sauce. $20

Main course entrees include choice of: Grilled vegetables, steamed vegetables, rosemary potatoes, capellini al burro, spaghetti marinara, fettuccine Alfredo, penne pesto and risotto.

RIB-EYE STEAK LOMA ALTA - 12oz Rib Eye with bell peppers, mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese with a choice of one side. $26

RIB-EYE - A classic grilled Angus beef rib-eye topped with compound butter. $26

GORGONZOLA STUFFED BEEF TENDERLOIN - Tenderloin stuffed with gorgonzola cheese topped with cherry tomatoes, fried onions and a choice of one side. $26

BEEF TENDERLOIN - Grilled tender cut, topped with compound butter. $29

CHICKEN MARSALA - Chicken breast braised with sweet marsala wine, garlic, mushrooms and shallots. $19

CHICKEN SALTIMBOCCA - Seared thin chicken breast, topped with fresh sage and prosciutto, served with an artichoke/caper sauce. $19

CHICKEN PARMESAN - Hand-breaded & pan-fried chicken breast, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and pomodoro sauce.  $18

GRILLED TUNA - Grilled tuna fillet.  $29

SHAVED TUNA - Thin cuts of seared tuna, with a citrus soy sauce and topped with red onion, chives serrano pepper and sesame seeds.  $29

SALMON TARRAGON - Grilled fresh salmon fillet with vegetables and a creamy tarragon sauce. $20

ALMOND CRUSTED SEA BASS - Almond crusted seared sea bass served with creamy risotto or your choice of one side. $20

MAHI MAHI - Grilled maui-mahi served with angel hair pasta and asparagus in a lemon basil butter sauce or your choice of one side. $20

Main Course entrées include choice of: Spaghetti Marinara, Fettuccine Alfredo, Shallot & Rosemary Roasted Potatoes or sautéed, steamed or grilled vegetables.

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BEET SALAD - Beet slices, spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, fresh fetta cheese and pistachios. $10

AHI TUNA VAIL SALAD - Sliced yellow fin tuna over a spring mixed salad, balsamic vinaigrette, cranberries, chipotle dressing, black olives and tapenade. $10

WALNUT SALAD - Crisp romaine lettuce, fresh basil and candied walnuts, tossed with our house bleu cheese dressing. $10

CAPRESE SALAD - Sliced tomato with fresh mozzarella, dressed with basil and olive oil.  $10

CAESAR SALAD - Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with parmesan cheese and croutons served with caesar dressing.  $10

SPINACH SALAD - Baby spinach, feta cheese, avocado and mandarin wedges tossed with citrus vinaigrette. $10

MIXED GREENS SALAD - Mixed greens, dried cranberries, sliced almonds and gorgonzola cheese tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.  $10

TOSCAFINO SALAD - Mixed greens, caramelized pecans, dried cranberries and choice of feta of gouda cheese with balsamic vinaigrette. $10

GREEK SALAD - Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, black olives, feta cheese with vinaigrette. $10

SPINACH & PEAR SALAD - Spinach, slices of pear, cherry tomato, caramelized pecans, gorgonzola cheese with our balsamic vinaigrette. $10

Add Chicken, $5   Shrimp or $6  Salmon, upon request. Proteins are only for salads. $9

HOMEMADE CHICKEN SOUP - Chicken and vegetables soup, served with rice and avocado.


MINESTRONE SOUP - An italian classic prepared with fresh vegetables, orzo pasta and small white beans topped with parmesan cheese.

SHRIMP TOSCAFINO - Wild caught gulf shrimp lightly dusted and pan seared served in a lemon butter and garlic sauce with angel hair pasta.  $20

CHICKEN TORTELLINI - Pasta filled with chicken and artichoke in a light cream sauce with prosciutto and broccoli.  $18

MANICOTTI - Pasta filled with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and a blend of italian cheeses served with a tomato/béchamel sauce.  $16

CHICKEN & SUN-DRIED TOMATO RAVIOLI - Ricotta, mascarpone and sun-dried tomato stuffed ravioli with grilled chicken on top in a jalapeño sauce. $16

FETTUCCINE ALFREDO - Fettuccine in an alfredo sauce. $16

SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS - Meatballs with our homemade tomato sauce served over spaghetti. $16

FRUTTI DI MARE - Spaghetti served with gulf shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels and
clams. $20
w/White Wine Sauce      w/Tomato Sauce      w/Squid Ink Sauce

PENNE ARRABIATA - Penne pasta with our fresh tomato sauce, pepper flakes topped with fresh basil. $16

FETTUCCINE A LA NONNA - Fettuccine with asparagus, mushroom, jamón serrano with a light alfredo sauce. $18

sun-dried tomatoes, basil and feta cheese.  $16

LASAGNA CLASSIC - Homemade meat lasagna, freshly oven baked with parmesan and mozzarella cheese. $18

TOSCACHON - A light meringue folded with cracker crumbs and walnuts then baked and topped with a sweet cream topping with macerated berries. $8

CHEESECAKE - NY style cheesecake with a topping of macerated berries.  $8

FLAN - Homemade cheese flan with macerated berry sauce & caramel. $8

TIRAMISU - A classic italian dessert.  Ladyfingers soaked with coffee liqour, layered with cream and dusted with cocoa. $8

CHOCOLATE CAKE - Warm chocolate cake drizzled with a chocolate sauce served with vanilla ice cream.  $8

APPLE TART - Warm caramelized apple tart topped with vanilla ice cream.  $8

CREPES - Milk caramel (cajeta) crepes with candied walnuts served with vanilla ice cream.  $8

ICE CREAM - Vanilla ice cream  $5

(12 & under) Includes soft drink refill.






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